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April 2, 2012
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The Bird and the Hound by Kitty-Grimm The Bird and the Hound by Kitty-Grimm
My college final term has really been kicking me up the rear at the moment, so I decided that as busy as I am I think I can make a little time to do something for myself.

When I have had some rare time to myself, lately, I've been catching up on reading the Song of Ice and Fire series and I love it! It's been a while since I've read something new that I could really get my teeth into and the show is great too. I'm reading the second book now and so far my favourite character in the series is Sansa Stark, probably because I can relate to her the most. I was always a bit of a Sansa, especially when I was her age.

Naturally, her relationship with Sandor fascinates me. Sandor himself fascinates me, in fact, and while I haven't yet figured him out (knowing where I'm at in the series, so far), his contrast with Sansa really interests me, especially seeing as their relationship is a bit of a grittier take on Beauty and the Beast.

I'm so sorry I couldn't fit the whole thing in here, but my scanner is weird. Still, I'm really happy with the results and while the characters themselves are referenced from my own visions of them, I couldn't resist keeping their costumes in the show, especially Sansa's GORGEOUS rose dress.
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Considering G.R.R.Martin was a writer/producer for the 90's t.v series B&B, yeah, you got it right.
He was?! Wow, I didn't know that. Thanks!
This is such a beautiful design with the sword and flowers. Just great. Only tiny thing- even though they burned the right side of his face in the tv series- in the book he's actually burnt on the left (which wouldn't be visible from this side). But doesn't matter. It's so nice./
Thank you very much!
obscurepairing Apr 5, 2012  Professional General Artist
Indeed I did! Thank you!
Oh, Sandor. He is, indeed, deeply interesting. His behavior is so often totally self-contradictory, and I personally get a huge kick out of the way he speaks with so much profanity and callousness that it's obvious that he's doing it on purpose. And watching Sansa grow and mature from a snotty little nitwit with some messed-up priorities to a cunning survivor is one of my favorite things in the series. I wouldn't call it any kind of take on Beauty of the Beast, though; the ugly man/pretty girl thing is where I stop seeing any similarity.

But listen to me wittering on. I love the detail in your work, as always, and the roses climbing up the sword is lovely. I really like the way your drew Sansa's face, it's pretty and youthful-looking and not an exact carbon copy of Sophie Turner. My one critique would be to point out that cuddling someone in full armor probably would not be as comfortable is this looks.
Thank you! For both the comment and the critique. Actually, Sansa's face was modelled after Danielle Panabaker's face instead of Sophie Turner's. I like Sophie's performance as Sansa, but for some reason I can't help but imagine Danielle.
Oh that sword is gorgeous!
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